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“I came here expecting windmills & marijuana” – British students flock to Holland


An interesting article about how increasing tuition fees is increasing the number of British (& Irish) students going to study at European universities, some of which, like Maastricht featured in the article, have English as the main language of instruction.


Love UK university clearing house UCAS spellig mistook in their Google Ad: | Plixi


Just because they make mistakes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be forgiving with yours, so make sure you check, double check, then get someone else to check, everything on your UCAS form.

(Thanks to @ewanmcintosh for sharing this goof on Twitter)

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BBC News – University ‘denied to thousands’

BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme has just carried an interview from the head of UCAS about the story reported on the BBC website (see below). It’s an increasingly competitive environment you’re in, so the more care and effort you put into making your University or job application the best it can be, the more chance you have of avoiding being one of those who will be disappointed. Lama week has given you a great head start: make sure you don’t lose that momentum as we head into the summer holidays.

16 July 2010 Last updated at 01:43

University ‘denied to thousands’

By Hannah Richardson BBC News education reporter

Graduation ceremony Competition for a degree place is likely to be tougher than ever

Tens of thousands of people are set to miss out on a university place in the UK this year after record numbers applied.

Some 660,953 applied to start full-time undergraduate courses this autumn, up 11.6% on the same point last year.

And if last year’s pattern is repeated, tens of thousands more will apply before the September deadline.

Lecturers union, the UCU, fears up to 170,000 people could be disappointed, as a cap on places is enforced.

But this is an estimate based on the number of places allocated in UK universities last year, with some additions for extra places in England.