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7 thoughts on “LAMA Week Days 1& 2

  1. I missed the whole morning, I only got in for the studying abroad part, that was very interesting overall. Then the chat in the afternoon was a past student reguarding finance and future careers in PwC. very interesting overall i think.

    • Was the finance information about student finance or just the kind of ‘high finance’ that PwC deals with?

  2. you didn’t miss loads, it was still about doncaster university college and the different courses. we also learnt about studying abroad, looked amazing!

    • Thanks. What was said about studying abroad? Was it about doing a whole degree abroad, or doing a UK course including a year abroad, or both? A few months ago I blogged an article about studying in the Netherlands, and I gather American universities are becoming an increasingly popular destination for British students, too.

      Keep the comments coming and let me know if any of you come across useful information that might be worth sharing.

      • Mr Shenton only really discussed studying a full degree abroad, he shared loads of websites and has sent everyone the powerpoint he showed to us all. He told us about different universities in different countries speak and teach in English which was good to know because i can’t speak any other languages! It was also about how the loans and fees could end up being a lot less.

      • Thanks Beckie. Your participation has not gone unnoticed! I’ve seen Mr Shenton’s PowerPoint presentation: I think the study abroad option is going to become increasingly popular.

      • woooo i know, i got given a prize for my participation:’) it’s fab! and the studying abroad looks scary but sooooo good!

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