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Personal Statement Support via Google Documents

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As some of you know, I quite often use Google Documents to share and comment on work with students and colleagues, and have started to do so with Personal Statements. However, the method I was using was a little cumbersome, as I was taking the responsibility of receiving the statement, copying it into Google Docs, then sharing it with the student concerned.

Goodness knows what I was thinking, as Miss Shakespeare has been using the obviously much more sensible and elegant approach of getting her students to take responsibility for adding the PS to Google Docs and sharing it with herself and Mrs Hurley. She has also produced a clear and simple instruction PowerPoint presentation on the process that Mrs Hurley kindly shared with form tutors earlier, and which you can find below:


Download this file

This prompted me to do something I’ve been meaning to get round to for a while and create a couple of screencasts on how to set up and use a  Google account and use Google Docs that I can use with any classes (hence it’s not specific to personal statements). You might like to watch the screencasts in conjunction with the PowerPoint if you’re the sort of person who benfits from being shown the process visually, as it happens.

Screencast 1

Watch on Posterous

Screencast 2

Watch on Posterous

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