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Personal Statements (again)

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Thank you to those of you who have got drafts of your Personal Statements to me. Apologies if it feels like you are having to wait for my feedback when you want to get on with it, but sadly there are only 24 hours in the day. At the time of writing I have six ‘in the queue’ and I will get these looked at and respond to those students by the beginning of next week. If you have uploaded your statement to your blog and haven’t  heard from me by the beginning of next week, do feel free to give me a gentle nudge.

For anyone still wrestling with their PS (I heard one or two plaintive cries to that effect in form and PSHEE earlier this week) you might like to look for inspiration at The Student Room. The link to the main site is over on the right, but if you’re too lazy to go that way and find the ‘Personal Statement’ tab at the top of the home page then just click this link and go straight there.

As always when looking at other people’s personal statements, remember that even though the candidate may have been successful in gaining a place that doesn’t mean that their personal statement is ideal, and that on the whole competition is stiffer than ever now, so what may have been  fine then may not cut the mustard now. However, there are lots of examples of good (and not so good) Personal Statements there to give you ideas if you are feeling lost.

However DO NOT BE TEMPTED to simply ‘lift’ bits of personal statements from there or anywhere else. UCAS is now using sophisticated software to check the originality of personal statements and copying parts of others (even if you change the wording a bit) can cause you to come an almighty cropper.

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